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Manitou News
                                                  PRESIDENT'S  MESSAGE  
President’s Message,    November 2020
Since my last message, we have completed several projects.  The damaged area around the Cougar mailbox has been repaired and replanted.  The area on Adobe that was left barren by the removal of two large trees a few years back has relandscaped.  We just completed the paving project at Clearwater and the circle there should be finished by the end of this month.  Progress is being made on the tennis court and, hopefully, we will see a solution in the Spring.
Over the Winter the Board and our Committee’s will be hard at work preparing for next year's projects.
The Clubhouse remains unavailable for gatherings as guidelines dictate.
Lastly, our community is run completely by volunteers.  No one gets paid but a few residents volunteer their time to ensure that everything operates as it should. The Board is elected but the committee’s ACC, Maintenance, and Beautification are not.  We need more people to help out and be involved.  Remember the old saying, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”
Anyone interested please contact the office at mhoa@optimum.net.  We also need one or two people who would be interested in publishing the newsletter.
Lastly, thanks to Danielle Campbell for putting it together and all who participated in the Trunk or Treat activity at the clubhouse parking lot on Halloween.  Despite these trying times, with a little imagination, there is still some fun to be had. 
Enjoy Thanksgiving.
Frank Mastrosimone
From the office
NOTICE OF MEETING: Annual homeowners budget meeting agenda and approved budget for 2021 attached.
November Board Meeting: 11/19  5:30 closed session. Open session and annual homeowners budget meeting to follow starting at 7:30 pm inside the Clubhouse. Up to 9 residents may attend in person on a first come basis and providing you wear a facemask.
Reply to mhoa@optimum.net  The Zoom meeting link will be sent out a few days before the meeting.
NOVEMBER 19, 2020
1.     7:30 pm  Call to Order
2.     Roll Call
3.     Quorum & Notice of Meeting
4.     Treasurer’s Report / Current Account Balances
5.     Review of 2020 operating expenses through September 30th.
        Review of 2020 reserve projects and expenses to date.
6.     Presentation of 2021 Budget
7.     Budget Question & Answer Period  via Zoom and in person
8.     Other Association Business
9.     8:30 Adjourn
You can read the entire President's Message in the Newsletter section of this website.

General News
March 26, 2020  COVID-19  ALERT UPDATED
All Residents, 
Due the the Virus the Board has declared both the Clubhouse and Office off limits until further notice.  Reminder that NO DOGS are permitted inside the court gates.   
We have some volunteers who are willing to get food, medication and other essential needs during this difficult time for our neighbors. Please call me and I will have someone call you or call one of them directly. Joan Crowley 973-727-2929

Paul Mezzanotte
2 Tomahawk Drive

Eddy Bergeron
4 Birdseye Circle

Mary Lynne Pisano
7 Sundance Drive