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December's NEWSLETTER 2021
President’s Message,
As we enter the Winter months not much is scheduled to happen. Our fall cleanup is just about finished and we are hopeful of great results with our new snowplow contractor although I imagine there may be a few “growing pains”, so I urge patience in that area.
This edition of the newsletter is traditionally when I look back and recognize the great work of all those who volunteer their time to make Manitou an ever- improving place to live. So let me get to it.
The A.C.C. committee made great strides in updating its guidelines to accommodate modernizing the face of the community. It also worked on digitalizing records and handled an absolute slew of homeowner requests in a speedy yet efficient manner. The Maintenance and Beautification committee worked overtime to research contractors and proposals helping to bring the new recreation center from just a wish to fruition and completion while continuing to introduce many other fresh ideas to the Board. Our newly formed Social committee has already paid dividends organizing a slate of events intended to breathe new life into the neighborhood. We had residents who staffed the pool so we didn’t have to shut down when employees didn’t show up. We had residents who labored to plant flowers and bushes, that we all enjoy, on their own time. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out but the point is that this spirit of volunteerism helps to make Manitou the wonderful place it is to live.
Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the invaluable work done by our community manager, serving as the rudder to our ship for many years.
 Have a Great Holiday Season!
Frank Mastrosimone

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