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                                                  PRESIDENT'S  MESSAGE  
President’s Message,
Last month I reported that the Sundance/Eagle path material was on back-order.  I am happy to say that the material came in, the job was completed, and the initial reactions have been very positive.  The Board will be assessing the total cost of the project and developing a plan to complete all of the walking paths in the near future.
We continue to struggle in obtaining estimates and contracting for many other projects.  The virus issue has set everything back.
As we enter the last few weeks of summer we continue to investigate possibilities for opening the pool for a short season.  To date, nothing feasible has come up.  Bob Sessa has been working diligently on this particular project.  Several residents have joined the town pool which seems to be very reasonable.
There was no nominee for a resident to be recognized this month so I’m going to nominate the spouses of all the Board members.  No explanation needed.
Frank Mastrosimone
From the Office
Front ornamental common tree pruning of Adobe, Sundance & Pueblo has been completed.
Reminder to Tomahawk & Birdseye owners:  Per the exterior maintenance program notice, the deadline to have your items completed is October 10th.
Virtual Meetings below via Zoom: Owners wishing to attend should register with Zoom beforehand.
Maintenance: 9:30 Tuesday August 11th.  Passcode to enter the meeting is 742962
Board: 9:00 Saturday August 22nd.  Passcode to enter the meeting is 050076
Follow up lawn applications to address weeds will be done according to proper temperatures.
Reminder that overnight street parking carries a $100.00 fine per occurrence after the first warning
Frank Mastrosimone
You can read the entire President's Message in the Newsletter section of this website.

General News
Residents, here are the meeting ID numbers needed to join the below meetings
Maintenance: 9:30 Tuesday August 11th. 
Meeting ID # 83541626374   Passcode # 742962
Board: 9:00 Saturday August 22nd.
Meeting ID # 88211604057   Passcode # 050076

March 26, 2020  COVID-19  ALERT UPDATED
All Residents, 
Due the the Virus the Board has declared both the Clubhouse and Office off limits until further notice. Effective today March 26, all activity inside the tennis courts is suspended till further notice. Reminder that NO DOGS are permitted inside the court gates.   
We have some volunteers who are willing to get food, medication and other essential needs during this difficult time for our neighbors. Please call me and I will have someone call you or call one of them directly. Joan Crowley 973-727-2929

Paul Mezzanotte
2 Tomahawk Drive

Eddy Bergeron
4 Birdseye Circle

Mary Lynne Pisano
7 Sundance Drive